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2019 Seminole Cup Drawing Update

Hello All,

The 2019 Seminole Cup is a less than 2 months away.  It is shaping up to be one of the biggest in its 26-year history.  Many rotations are full or near full but there are still spots available.  We have eclipsed our milestone of 500 so we did another drawing.  Congratulations to Jasper Copelan from Eatonton, GA!  Your Main Event is on us.  We will do one last drawing when we hit 600 shooters.  This drawing will be for YOUR ENTIRE SHOOT!  The next winner will be covered on every event they are entered in at the time of the drawing.  Get in while you still can.

For all of you that have shot with us in the past, expect some shuffling around as far as where the events will be held on the grounds.  We have some great ideas for the upcoming shoot that I think will be a refreshing change. Maps will be available at registration as usual.  For those that are new to the Broadfield property, you will want to know that this is a large shooting ground.  Golf carts are highly recommended.  If you are not bringing your own you can reserve through National Carts (used to be Mid Florida) .  In addition, we have a great cast of industry related vendors this year as well as a number of non-industry vendors that will make shopping a bit more interesting.

For those of you who are not familiar with the shoot.  The Seminole Cup is held at Broadfield Plantation (now the permanent home) which is operated by Sea Island Resorts.  Broadfield is located in Woodbine, GA which is only 30 minutes from the Jacksonville Airport.  There are many places to stay in nearby Brunswick or Kingsland (10-15 minutes away).  If you want to be near the beach and really good places to eat, I would recommend the Inn at Sea Island (40 minutes north). .  For more info on the shoot, go to .  There is also a link to register there.

Thanks and see you soon,

Jon Kent

Director of Outdoor Pursuits

Sea Island Resorts

NSCA Life Member

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