Hello All,

Our registration is coming along strong and March will be here before you know it.  It is only mid August and we have already surpassed our first milestone of 100 shooters.  Just like the past, we are going to do some drawings for free entries along the way.  The first one is an entry to the Phil Hughes Memorial preliminary event that will be held on Thursday, March 2nd.  Thanks to Beretta for sponsoring the Phil Hughes event this year.  Our first winner this year is Gary Walstrom.   Congratulations Gary!  

Our next milestone will be when we hit 200 shooters and we will draw for the EZ-GO Challenge held on Friday, March 3rd. The EZ-GO Challenge is your chance to win an EZ-GO S4.  The top 3 shooters from each classes M-E will qualify for a handicapped shoot off held on Saturday night under the lights.  The last two years winners were D and E class shooters so don’t count yourself out.  This event will be the first to fill up so register soon.

Registration is available at http://winscoreonline.com/ .  You may see a few minor changes to this year’s format when you register.  You will have the opportunity to shoot all 100 FITASC targets in one day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Only Sat/Sun will be split (50 each day). Thanks to ESP and PMS for sponsoring our FITASC event this year.  FITASC winners in classes M-E will win a set of ESP Elites valued at $900 per pair.  

This year’s sub gauge events will be squaded rather than European rotation.  To allow more people the opportunity to shoot we are opening the sub gauge course on Thursday rather than Friday.  

Golf Cart Rentals will be handled directly through Mid Florida Golf Carts this year.  We are currently working on our contract with them and will get that info out to you as soon as we have it.  

Check out our website: http://seminolecup.net/ . We still have some sponsorship spots available.  If you are interested please reach out to Shereen at broadfieldseminolecup@gmail.com.  Shereen is also handling vendor spots as well.  

We are looking forward to another great shoot.  See y’all in March.

Jon Kent

Director of Outdoor Pursuits

Sea Island Company

NSCA Life Member